Dream Kitchens – Spring/Summer 2010

It is a customary habit of mine to review the selection of magazines on display in the grocery store as I pass en route to the produce section.  On one such occasion, I happened upon a Spring/Summer 2010 issue entitled, “Dream Kitchens.” If you also come across this, do not hesitate to purchase it.  The magazine has minimal advertisements and is filled with beautiful kitchens all over the country and descriptive articles that accompany each one.  It is an excellent resource to have on hand for inspiration and guidance.

Since this resource is in print form, I can only describe it, instead of showing it to you.  One of the kitchens that really caught my eye was labeled, “French Influence” (pg 10).  Features of this kitchen include distressed off-white cabinetry, wane’s coating on one side of the island, tender yellow walls, stone floor, stainless steel appliances and accents (i.e., handles) and a decorative, yet charming tile backsplash.

At least one thing we know for certain: I like a french influence.  I hope to find the other side of the mix within the next couple weeks.


Various Styles of Kitchens

The two pictures below were found at http://www.home-designing.com/2009/02/country-style-kitchens.  So both pictures below were classified by the source as “country style.”


– Stone wall

– Flagstone floor

– Arched doorway

– Middle Ages influence


– Not sure about the color of the cabinents (undecided)

– Style of dining table chair

This would be an extremely difficult style to implement in a home, because of the Middle Ages influence.  It seems to be an all or nothing feature.


– Style of cabinets

– Colors


– Not enough counter space

– Tile floor

– Not substantial enough for my purposes

So from these pictures, we can determine that I like both the traditional style kitchens and the country style.  We definitely must continue to look at more pictures to continue to narrow down the features of these styles that are appealing.


Traditional Kitchens

My sincerest apologies for my lackadaisical blogging, but I believe I’m back for good this time.

Below are several pictures that I gathered from TraditionalHome.com, so I assume they represent “traditional” style kitchens.  Though there are a plethora of pictures that are stunning, but these pictures are of particular interest.


– dark, hardwood floors

– dark wood cabinents

– artificially antiquated finish of the island (reminiscent of French Country style kitchen in my previous post)


– too small/insubstantial

– splashes of blue


– flagstone floor

– open beam ceiling

– more “substantial” than the picture above


– informal “islands”

– lack of color


– Style of cabinents

– Kitchen doors matching cabinents

– Dark woods


– Tile floor

– Lack of color

– Chandelier

– In general, too “formal”


The Hunt for the Perfect Kitchen

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to write about again, but after some time, I’ve decided that it’s back to styles.  However, I don’t intend it to be just any style or systematically going through all styles, as was done in previous posts.  I would like to spend some time figuring out what my style is so that I can then build room-by-room on that.  Then, once the style has been identified, we can work on how to make a room in that style including painting techniques, accents, and decorations.  Ultimately, then, this blog will be dedicated to primarily one style, therefore serving the purpose of how to decorate accordingly.

To begin, let’s start with kitchens.  The kitchen is perhaps my favorite room in the house.  This is probably because in my past, many joyous events, both significant and “normal” have occurred in this room.  Therefore, I believe that narrowing my style down in this room first will serve as a pilot throughout the rest of the house I hope someday to have.  So let’s get started, shall we?

This is perhaps one of my favorite kitchens ever!  I believe I posted the above picture in a previous post; this would be because this style is considered MODERN FRENCH COUNTRY.  If that is the case, then by all means, sign me up for this one!  I love the beamed ceilings and distressed wooden cabinets.  The use of both white and brown woods is quite charming, especially with the surprising splash of an unusual color.

This picture introduces brick into the style, which again, I find delightful.  Stone or brick used as an interior design feature is quite wonderful.  Also notice the archways in the background.

In my opinion, this kitchen is very warm and inviting.  Though it is by all means a well-designed and well-constructed kitchen, it appears welcoming to all who enter.  It is not ostentatious, but offers a sophisticated coziness.  I guess we’ll be doing more research along these lines!


Back in the Saddle

Greetings!  Well, I didn’t think I’d make it, but by God’s grace, here I am in a “normal” paced life again.  It’s a little bit of adjustment to harness all the free time now and maximize it’s use,  but one thing that’s back is this blog!  It may be a bit of slow start getting back into it, but we have so much ground to cover.

So let’s get started!


life on hold

Well, it looks like this blog will have to be put on hold until after April 15.  I have not yet figured out how to be in the midst of busy season while keeping up all my activities.  Though some have persevered so far, for my personal sanity, I’m going to let this particular activity rest until life returns back to normal.

In the meantime, if you have suggestions on topics, please comment.  I have not yet picked one for when the blog returns!

See you in April!



This post includes some pictures of Spanish and Mexican styles.  I am very much aware that Spanish and Mexican are about as similar as American and British, which is to say there may be ancestry, but there are still significant differences.  The Spanish style is influenced by the Mediterranean and is inspired by coastal colors: blues, greens, browns, and whites primarily.  Terracotta reds and oranges also have a place given the wide use of tiles.

The hanging tapestry, authentic pillows, and breezy color palette are used as subtle touches of Mediterranean and Spanish influences.

Use a neutral color palette, as shown in the picture above, to highlight the architectural features of the room.  I love the asymmetrical, yet symmetrical curtains on the windows.

Notice the decorate wrought iron accents in the room above.  This element in particular serves a hacienda-type atmosphere.

Vibrant tiles, as in the shower shown above, add a Mexican flair to the room.  Notice the stone wall art and the blue, white, and yellow sink.  All these features work together to create a sophisticated, Mexican-style bathroom!  Stone, ceramics, pottery, and wrought iron are typical artistic expressions for both Spanish and Mexican style rooms.

Thanks to http://www.hgtv.com/decorating/spice-up-your-casa-spanish-style/pictures/index.html and http://interiordesign.lovetoknow.com/Spanish_Interior_Design for their input for this post!

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