Decorating in 9 Steps

There are 9 steps in “the book” in decorating a home.

1. Find inspiration

2. Determine your style

3. Consider how you’ll use the room

4. Assess your stuff

5. Draw up a floor plan

6. Set a budget

7. Research, research, research

8. Create a design scheme

9. Make a decorating schedule

Given that my husband and I have not yet purchased a home, I do not have a condo, townhome, house, etc., to decorate.  So, I will spend all my time over the next severals day, weeks, months in Steps 1 and 2 until the Lord provides us with an establishment.  By looking through magazines and websites, I’ll pull out the items that particularly appeal to me and start gathering ideas to determine my style.  So here it goes!


1 Response to “Decorating in 9 Steps”

  1. 1 Mom
    January 10, 2010 at 5:49 pm

    I LOVE IT! The page is completely stunning – visually inviting, elegant, and stylish. I can’t wait to follow your progress.

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