Living Room

There are several things I love about this living room (I believe I pulled this image from a gallery at hgtv.com).  The high ceiling and white walls open up the room.  It’s simple and beautiful.

These chairs are great.  Simple design.  The pattern isn’t terribly distracting and really pulls together the reds. I like the look with the neutral couch.

Shutters have always appealed to me.  The condo we stayed at on our honeymoon had full length sliding shutters instead of curtains for their sliding glass door and we both really loved it!  Same with shutters on the windows like in this picture.  I would love to be able to incorporate shutters into our home.

The neutral couch with colored accent pillows is really appealing to me!  I also like the style of this couch.  However, appearance never overrides comfort.  Comfortable seating in the living is very important to us!


2 Responses to “Living Room”

  1. 1 Mom
    January 11, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    It’s interesting how frequently brown accompanies red. Not only in the wood, but also here in the curtains. They look sort of bronze in color. The rug is great,too. That couch is to die for. Better scotchguard it! Great work. It is most helpful to see into your mind, to see what appeals to you, even in ways you may not articulate. You know what they say: “A picture speaks 1,000 words.” I love you!

    • January 12, 2010 at 8:07 am

      It is interesting! I kind of think that brown adds an element of warmth to the duo. Black and red seems more on the formal side, but I imagine the right person could make those colors just as inviting as the brown/red.

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