Greatest Living Room

After finding this picture from a google search, I realized that I had once seen it before, though I can’t remember where.  It’s an excellent living room and is a central stone as I build my decorating style.  The dark wood trim with the white walls is exactly what I like.  The red couches depict the same color of red that I would choose.  I don’t know what my opinion is on the coffee table; I think I’d be more prone to a rustic wooden coffee table.  But the one in this picture does fit in nicely.

And, there is still room for the exotic splash that I like!  The zebra-printed cowhide may not go so well with the shag; may have to choose one or the other.  But I do think it would be a spunky addition to this otherwise warm, inviting living room.  Do you see the shutter wall in the very back corner, barely noticeable?  That is wonderful as well!

I would actually prefer more robust side tables than the TV tray or chair used in this picture, but they are not atrocious.


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