Color & Interior Design

Information below was extracted from the quite useful article located at http://www.ehow.com/how_5458433_interior-design-ppick-colors.html.  I’ve taken the information provided therein and modified it a bit to the outline below.

||  three colors ||

Your “color scheme” is composed of 3 colors:

  1. Color of the walls
  2. Color of the fabrics
  3. Color of accents in the room

The author of this article recommends a triad and complementary/split-complementary color combination, however, a different combination of color may be selected at the designer’s discretion.

Now, let’s put what we’ve learned so far into practice.

The room above has a triad color scheme.  Yellow for the walls and blue & red for the fabric and accents.  Also notice the multiple shades of color occurring.  The blue is quite dark while the red and yellow are somewhat of an average color.  Though I do not particularly care for this color scheme, it is pleasing to the eye, in my opinion.

This room seems to have a bit more of a split-complementary color scheme – yellow-green (in the rug), purple, & red.  The purple/red combination is remarkably stunning, but it is a very intimidating combination that really has to be done well to be successful.  The rug is this picture is the key.  Strikingly simple, yet vibrant and welcoming.  The neutral/white furniture is also quite influential in this room so that the red and purple are not over-dominating.

However, this room does not follow the “three color” rule as cleanly as the picture above it.  The color of the walls is split evenly between purple and red, the color of fabric is split between cream and purple, and the color of accents also varies (red, purple, yellow-green).  But, it still works quite marvelously!


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