Choosing Your Color Scheme

The credit for the ideas and suggestions in this post is attributable to the eHow article at http://www.ehow.com/how_4737200_pick-interior-color-schemes.html

Having a color scheme is very important not only in bringing a room together, but in uniting all the rooms of one’s home.  And though walls can be re-painted and furniture reupholstered, it’s ideal to study, research, and contemplate your preferred color scheme before diving into the wrong one.  Of course, eventually, you will probably redecorate your house to change it up, as is typically customary over one’s lifetime.  However, you want to avoid rashly choosing a color scheme that will cause you to regret your interior design efforts the day after.  Here is a list of steps and ideas to help discover your ideal color scheme:

(1) Write down a list of the things you love.  Then look for some color themes that appear from the items on the list.

(2) Examine the room.  What cannot be changed?  Incorporate the unmovables and unchangeables into your color scheme, even though it may not thrill  you.  This will help to encourage unity in the room.  Don’t sacrifice what you love for what cannot be changed, but seek to incorporate so that it doesn’t appear out of place.  This may be the tiles on the kitchen floor, the stone around a fireplace, the wall paint (if it cannot be changed), your mother’s dining room table that you don’t like but can’t forsake.

(3) Choose three colors: a main color, an accent color, and a neutral color.  Keep in mind, the neutral color does not have to be an earth tones.  Other colors can serve as a neutral tone if used properly.

(4) Look at paint chips from Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sherwin Williams, and other such stores.  Many paint chips will show colors partnered in a way you didn’t think of before.

(5) Consider the layout of your home.  Does the kitchen, dining room, and living room appear to be one singular space?  If so, pay attention to the appliances and kitchen tile when decorating your living room.


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