What 10 Decoraters Have to Say About Color

Architectural Digest did a piece this week showcasing one color tip from 10 different designers.  Notice that there are differing opinions on the use of neutrals and colors.  Some say use only in accents, while others are not ashamed of a bold color on the wall.  Below is a summary of what they said:

(1) Buy a can of color and test it on the wall first.  If you’re afraid of the color, use it in a small space or only in accent items.

(2) Regardless of your color preferences, balances and harmony is essential.  Leave flashy to Barnum & Bailey.

(3) Choose a paint color a couple shades lighter than the color you want.  When applied to a wall, color usually intensifies 60%.  Go light!

(4) You don’t have to commit yourself to a wall color.  Choose something neutral and flexible and let the colors come through in artwork and furniture.

(5) Do dark colors in dark rooms and light colors in light rooms.

(6) Soft, pale colors have more longevity.  You’ll likely be worn out of a bright color, unless it’s your absolute favorite.

(7) When painting a ceiling, tie it in with the wall colors.  Don’t neglect the ceiling as the poor cousin, since it is a central part of the room.

(8) Everything goes together when viewed as a whole.  Use dark accent colors as merely that: accent colors.  Use it as a pleasant surprise, not a startling statement.

(9) Don’t be afraid of adding color.  Adding gray tone a bright color down a bit.

(10 ) Use a single voice of neutrals for basic furniture and background, bringing color in through accents.  The foundation should be timeless while the accents change with the times.

Watch the slideshow and the full quotes for yourself at http://www.architecturaldigest.com/homes/features/2007/08/color_slideshow_082007?slide=1#globalNav


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