Connecting Rooms with Color

It is very important that your rooms promote continuity and unity in your house, and this can be done by properly using color as the common thread.  Here are some tips to do so:

(1) Though each room can have its own color personality, use common hues throughout.  Usually, the unifying elements can be found in the woodwork – baseboards, molding, window frames, door, etc.  A more subtle way to do this is through recurring color in fabrics, patterns, accessory items, etc.

(2) Limit yourself to 2 or 3 colors, altering intensity, value, and application of those colors in different places.

(3) When rooms are visually connected, use the same color for all baseboards and molding to encourage visual unity among the rooms.  If you choose to use different colors in the room, use colors that are similar in value.  Or, alternatively, the rooms can be painted very different colors and connected through the floor or carpeting that can pull them together.

(4) A no fail way to have continuity is to paint all the baseboards the same color.

(5) When choosing your color scheme, choose colors that align with the mood you want to create.

(6) Lighting affects color.  One color will look like two when used in two places with very different lighting.  One idea is to choose two hues of varying values and use the lighter one where there is more natural sunlight to give it a sunny feeling all day long.

Visit http://www.bhg.com/decorating/color/basics/5-ways-to-connect-rooms-with-color/?page=1 for the original article and accompanying slideshow.


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