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The contemporary style features soft, rounded lines.  Neutral colors are used, such as gray, black, and brown in the picture below, with spurts of color (purple cala lilies on the coffee table).

This picture above has spurts of green with the same clean lines and neutral colors.

The picture above has a twinge of traditional, but the couch is decidedly contemporary.  The orange pillows provide the spurt of color on the neutral background.  Notice the clean cut lines of the side tables.

One danger of the contemporary style is that the hard lines could become severe and unwelcoming.  Utilize natural sunlight and a variety of texture to mitigate this potential negative side effect.

This picture above shows how lines and textures are used, instead of color, to give body to a contemporary style, while still keeping it contemporary.  There are hardly any colors in this kitchen and the lines are certainly crisp and clean.  The lighting and texture (baskets in island, texture-appearing lights) give body to this otherwise boxy room.

Here’s another very contemporary-style kitchen.

This contemporary bedroom has the clean lines typical of this style.  The spark of color comes from the multi-colors velvet pillows on the bed.  Notice, particularly in this picture, what is not there.  There is no patterned comforter, no multitude of lush, froofy pillows.  Simple. Clean. Neutral.

This contemporary living space has more color than other contemporary styles, but it does not betray its style.  Though the clean line are still here, notice the circles in the rug.  Curves are typically quite scarce in a contemporary style, but the black and white colors make it work.  The painting is reminiscent of the shelving that it promotes and ties in the two red chairs.

That will do us for now.  But if you want to see more pictures of contemporary rooms, visit and see this excellent slideshow for yourself!

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