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A cottage style does not take much work to be inviting and welcoming, unlike the contemporary style previously exhibited.  A cottage style has graceful lines with a colorful, comfortable appeal.  Typical fabric options include chintz, toile, floral, or plain fabric. For those on a budget, this style is great since slip covers have a natural place in this style (notice the two chairs in the picture above).

This style is characterized by old, timeless pieces of furniture and time-worn paint.  Window treatments need to be light and breezy.  Use pale colors instead of bold or dark ones.

Common “buzz” words of this style are: feminine, floral, cozy, pastel, distressed.  In the picture above, I love the texture of the walls!

Use furniture with a distressed look.  And remember: graceful lines, as in the chair above.

Floral items are an excellent addition to a cottage-style room.  The bouquets above are in metal tin vases, but it is quite fitting for the room.  Notice the pictures on the wall: all are of flowers.  See part of the wicker chair?  Wicker furniture also goes well with this style.

The cabinets of this kitchen are of the lightest tint of blue.  Even though the hardwood floor is darker, it does not take away from the general character of the cottage style.  The chandelier also adds body to this room.

When it comes to the cottage style, there are numerous variations, including shabby chic cottage, vintage cottage, french cottage, etc., etc. and there are endless resources on this particular style, since it is so popular.  It’s perhaps the most functional style as it is fitting anywhere (beach, country, woods, etc.) and works quite well under a budget (no sleek leather couches necessary).

For an excellent resource to kick-off your cottage-style decorating scheme, visit for more ideas and suggestions!  Or just google “Cottage Style Decorating.”  A whole slew of resources are available at your fingertips!

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