I will be the first to admit that the romantic style is quite repulsive to the very core of my being.  But, as with the contemporary or modern styles of interior design, we need to acknowledge its existence and give it some stage time regardless of my personal opinion!

The primary buzz word of this style is femininity.  You can add masculinity to the room, so as to make sure your husband still feels manly while lounging on the couch, by introducing straight lines in fabric patterns and curtains, for example.  Similar to the cottage style, use pastel colors for your color scheme.  However, unlike cottage, there are quite a bit more frills and curves in this style.

This style is also quite ornate, bordering on gaudy, if one is not careful.

Overstuffed furniture and fabrics fit nicely into the romantic style.  The ruffled bed skirts add flair.  I love the four-poster bed frames in this picture.

This style also lends itself to luscious valences and drapes.  It can be quite sophisticated if done properly.

Perhaps the most dangerous element of this style is that if done improperly, it can prove disastrous.  What could have been a sophisticated, upscale living room could easily become a museum of the living room your great-grandmother had.  The margin of error allowed in this style is quite small compared to the cottage style.


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