French Country

After my week-long blog vacation, I’m back and with a renewed passion!  We’ll continue where we left off with decorating styles.  From contemporary to romantic, modern to cottage, we have covered a wide range of styles already, but we have only barely scratched the surface.  Additionally, it is my personal goal to find the style, or mix thereof, that exemplifies my tastes and preferences; we have not yet made progress on accomplishing this goal.  So, let us begin again with French Country!

A central element of this style is the use of natural materials, such as plastered walls, beamed ceilings, wood details, stone fireplace, etc.

Armoires are an essential piece of furniture for this style.  Furniture usually has a dull, low-sheen finish as in the worn look of the furniture above.

Toile, shown in the pictures above, is a central fabric.  Note, however, that there is not a strict set of colors for this style; it is conducive to a wide array of color schemes.  The two fabric samples above are completely different color schemes, but both can be used to create the warm, charming atmosphere that accompanies this style.  Common colors used are bright golds, rust, splashes of blue, and lavender purple.

Key words of this style are: old, charming, rustic, worn, warm.  But, as depicted by this picture above, it doesn’t have to be without class or quality.  The use of neutral colors in the picture above is sophisticated and this sophistication is made suddenly charming by not only the accents and features throughout the room, but by the splash of teal on the shutters.

Here’s a cozier french country style kitchen to contrast the one above it.  Note that almost all the pictures of rooms so far displayed have beamed ceilings and light color woods (darker woods used only as accents).

Common accents of this style are roosters & chickens, wrought iron, whimsical curves, pails, baskets, and other such items.  Notice the watering can on the shelf above and the style and texture of the blue wall.

Here’s a room that utilizes yellow as a primary color in the color scheme.  Notice the stone of the fireplace, as mentioned earlier, and the toile-like fabric on the chair.

I love the use of the nature pictures in this photo and soft green wanes coating.  Notice the copper pot sitting in the stone fireplace to add a rustic feel to an otherwise formal room.  The yellow flowers on the table are simply classic.  I don’t believe that this is a true french country style dining room, but it does hold elements of the style that are notable.

The information from this post is attributable primarily to http://interiordec.about.com/b/2010/02/08/french-countryside-in-your-very-own-home.htm and http://www.bhg.com/decorating/decorating-style/country-french/country-french-decorating-ideas/.  Visit for yourself for more links related to this style!

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