This post includes some pictures of Spanish and Mexican styles.  I am very much aware that Spanish and Mexican are about as similar as American and British, which is to say there may be ancestry, but there are still significant differences.  The Spanish style is influenced by the Mediterranean and is inspired by coastal colors: blues, greens, browns, and whites primarily.  Terracotta reds and oranges also have a place given the wide use of tiles.

The hanging tapestry, authentic pillows, and breezy color palette are used as subtle touches of Mediterranean and Spanish influences.

Use a neutral color palette, as shown in the picture above, to highlight the architectural features of the room.  I love the asymmetrical, yet symmetrical curtains on the windows.

Notice the decorate wrought iron accents in the room above.  This element in particular serves a hacienda-type atmosphere.

Vibrant tiles, as in the shower shown above, add a Mexican flair to the room.  Notice the stone wall art and the blue, white, and yellow sink.  All these features work together to create a sophisticated, Mexican-style bathroom!  Stone, ceramics, pottery, and wrought iron are typical artistic expressions for both Spanish and Mexican style rooms.

Thanks to http://www.hgtv.com/decorating/spice-up-your-casa-spanish-style/pictures/index.html and http://interiordesign.lovetoknow.com/Spanish_Interior_Design for their input for this post!


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