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Dream Kitchens – Spring/Summer 2010

It is a customary habit of mine to review the selection of magazines on display in the grocery store as I pass en route to the produce section.  On one such occasion, I happened upon a Spring/Summer 2010 issue entitled, “Dream Kitchens.” If you also come across this, do not hesitate to purchase it.  The magazine has minimal advertisements and is filled with beautiful kitchens all over the country and descriptive articles that accompany each one.  It is an excellent resource to have on hand for inspiration and guidance.

Since this resource is in print form, I can only describe it, instead of showing it to you.  One of the kitchens that really caught my eye was labeled, “French Influence” (pg 10).  Features of this kitchen include distressed off-white cabinetry, wane’s coating on one side of the island, tender yellow walls, stone floor, stainless steel appliances and accents (i.e., handles) and a decorative, yet charming tile backsplash.

At least one thing we know for certain: I like a french influence.  I hope to find the other side of the mix within the next couple weeks.


Maximum Utilization of Space

“Real Rooms” again; great magazine!  Anyway, the colors are excellent, even with the red accents.  I love the use of this space.  Very cozy, yet stylish and classic.  Even the curtains are great.  This would be great for a breakfast room since it is equipped for dining as well as a casual hang out spot.  I could see it being very used as a family hang-out spot.


The Kitchen of My Dreams!

This is another picture from the “Real Rooms” magazine alluded to in my previous post.  Without a doubt, this is the kitchen of my dreams!  Red, yellow, and dark woods….it’s perfect.   The red cabinets can (and have been used) in a tacky manner especially in modern decorating styles.  But I think the slightly antique touch with a warmer red makes this absolutely lovely.   There is not much I would change to this kitchen; the stovetop is gas, which is preferable, and the little drawers in the hanging cabinets are charming (and more functional than one could probably ever imagine).  However, I would probably switch out the granite countertops for stainless steel ones, like my dear mother has in her home; excellent utility, simple maintenance, clean lines.

Did you see the yellow walls?  Not overwhelming in the least; I love it!