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Various Styles of Kitchens

The two pictures below were found at  So both pictures below were classified by the source as “country style.”


– Stone wall

– Flagstone floor

– Arched doorway

– Middle Ages influence


– Not sure about the color of the cabinents (undecided)

– Style of dining table chair

This would be an extremely difficult style to implement in a home, because of the Middle Ages influence.  It seems to be an all or nothing feature.


– Style of cabinets

– Colors


– Not enough counter space

– Tile floor

– Not substantial enough for my purposes

So from these pictures, we can determine that I like both the traditional style kitchens and the country style.  We definitely must continue to look at more pictures to continue to narrow down the features of these styles that are appealing.


Traditional Kitchens

My sincerest apologies for my lackadaisical blogging, but I believe I’m back for good this time.

Below are several pictures that I gathered from, so I assume they represent “traditional” style kitchens.  Though there are a plethora of pictures that are stunning, but these pictures are of particular interest.


– dark, hardwood floors

– dark wood cabinents

– artificially antiquated finish of the island (reminiscent of French Country style kitchen in my previous post)


– too small/insubstantial

– splashes of blue


– flagstone floor

– open beam ceiling

– more “substantial” than the picture above


– informal “islands”

– lack of color


– Style of cabinents

– Kitchen doors matching cabinents

– Dark woods


– Tile floor

– Lack of color

– Chandelier

– In general, too “formal”


Back in the Saddle

Greetings!  Well, I didn’t think I’d make it, but by God’s grace, here I am in a “normal” paced life again.  It’s a little bit of adjustment to harness all the free time now and maximize it’s use,  but one thing that’s back is this blog!  It may be a bit of slow start getting back into it, but we have so much ground to cover.

So let’s get started!


life on hold

Well, it looks like this blog will have to be put on hold until after April 15.  I have not yet figured out how to be in the midst of busy season while keeping up all my activities.  Though some have persevered so far, for my personal sanity, I’m going to let this particular activity rest until life returns back to normal.

In the meantime, if you have suggestions on topics, please comment.  I have not yet picked one for when the blog returns!

See you in April!



It looks like my schedule this week got the better of me and I did not post anything yesterday, as I had promised.  Please forgive me.  I hope to get back to the articles this weekend, time permitting.  In the meantime, hang in there – this blog has not died.



My dear readers…

It is busy season for the CPAs among us, which means that there is little time for activities outside of work and chores.  Though I have not been remarkably disciplined with my time, it has been quite busy.  Please be patient – I promise to have posts back by Wednesday at the latest, beginning with the French Countryside and Tuscan styles!

I appreciate your understanding.



I’m not quite sure, yet, if we’ll be able to tell much of a difference between modern vs. contemporary style, but let’s give it a try nonetheless.  Modern, as with contemporary, begins with a neutral color palette.  It is characterized by strong geometric shapes and asymmetry.

Finishes should be smooth, shiny, or sleek.  Concrete, granite, and linoleum are common flooring options, though this picture displays a light wood floor.  Stainless steel and chrome accents are common.

This style, unlike its contemporary cousin, strays somewhat from the clean-cut lines.  The backwash is this kitchen is more distracting than we might expect from a contemporary-style kitchen.

Curves seem generally more accepted.  There is less emphasis on traditional-style furniture (i.e., a standard, everyday couch), as in the bench-like seating above.  Some living rooms just have large pillows on the floor for seating.

Some additional research, however, showed how the modern style emphasizes functionality above aesthetics while the contemporary style seeks to unite the two by creating a symbiotic relationship with nature and natural elements.  Despite the name of this style, it has actually been around for nearly a century.

Here’s a modern bedroom:

And a contemporary bedroom:

I definitely admit: I am unable to see a significant difference.  But there is a general atmospheric difference that I can’t quite pin.  But we’ll leave it at that for now.  Suffice it to say, contemporary is the newer style of the two and neither is something that I would likely consider in my personal home.  It’s good to know about the existence of these styles, however, since they are widely used.